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Specifications of PV-T (Double Glass)

Thermal Efficiency Map

Specifications of PV-T  (Double Glass)

Electrical characteristic under STC
Module type DYY-160-PVT
Maximum power, Wp 160
Voltage at Maximum power, Vmp (V) 19.44
Current at Maximum power, Imp (A) 8.23
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V) 23.59
Short circuit current, Isc (A) 8.75
Operating temperature,
Maximum voltage 1000V
Solar cell type Poly-Silicon
Dimensions(mm) 1900*1005*5
front glass
Float glass
Junction Box IP65

Thermal characteristic
House SUS 304
Heat transfer material Stainless
Insulation Styrofoam
Connection dimension, mm Φ25.4
Maximum operating Pressure (Bar) 10

Applications of PV-T Solar water heaters ( Both of independent or grid-tied style )