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A trusty company - DYY Solar Industrial Co., Ltd

Newest technology with traditional spirits

In the past two decades, DYY Solar Industrial Co., Ltd have persist the spirits of quality first, customer first, being realistic, and getting to the bottom of the things. With these spirits, our corporate sprang up quickly among numerous small and medium enterprises as well as small factories by producing different categories of solar water heater equipment. Owing to our persistence, we have been readily receiving recognitions from various fields and we also feel honored to become the designated partner of many downstream companies.

In 1996, DYY Solar helped to produce solar thermal water heaters for a famous brand by the method of OEM manufacturing foundry. In 2000, DYY Solar Industrial Co., Ltd is established and provided customized and specific services for each customer from different brands by the method of ODM design and manufacture of foundry. In 2010, DYY Solar Industrial Co., Ltd bought the land and built up the factory in Taichung Fengzhou Industrial Park in response to the expansion of production capacity. In 2013, DYY Solar Industrial Co.,Ltd officially stationed in production and entered the international markets. These achievements highlighted the high quality and excellent functions of our products. We have set an example of committing ourselves to research and innovation. We have established steady foundations in Taiwan and tried to enter the international markets. Our accurate and excellent production qualities are greatly praised by our customers.

DYY Solar always believes that quality and techniques are not only the lives of products but also the fundamentals of enterprise developments. We often keep careful attitudes while providing our customers with high quality products and enthusiastic services. We cautiously checked our qualities in each level and aspect since we determine to provide our customers with the most rigorous quality controls. DYY Solar follows “ISO quality assurance certification” to reach the goals in quality technology, management, market demands, and customers’ satisfactions. We prepare everything in advance and then implement our plans practically to give a feedback to the tracks of quality policy. We keep eyes on the market trends at any time to try our bests to live up to our customers’ needs. With economic and successful market strategy, we accomplish the targets of customer satisfactions and perfect after-sales services. 

  Business Concept
  • Focus on “the services of professional solar panel productions”
    Our original profession is to provide ”the services of professional solar energy panel productions. ” This field develops very quickly. As long as we concentrate on this field and actively research on our original profession, there would be no limit for our development space. So all we need is to keep ourselves concentrated and do our bests for the pursuit of maximized achievement in the our original profession of “the services of professional solar energy panel productions“. 

  • Explore the world market and international operations
    Our targets are not limited to Southeast Asia or any regions but should include the world markets. Solar energy panel industry is a cross-border industry. The main industries around the world all try to extent their goals to enter the international levels. And thus our strongest competitors are from abroad. If we cannot establish our competitiveness in the world markets, we cannot survive in domestic market as well. Our rood is in Taiwan but we need to build up bases in main markets around the world. This is exactly the meaning of international operations. In order to act in concert with the cultural demands for international pluralism, we consider only talents as our criteria for recruitment without considering their nationalities.

  • Customers are our partners
    We always consider our customers as partner and will not compete with our customers since this positioning was the essence of our success in the past. And we believe this will also be the key for our growth in the future. We regard the competitiveness of our customers as the competitiveness of DYY Solar. Also, the successes of our customers are also the successes of DYY Solar.

  • Quality is the principle for our works and services 
    Every objects we provide services are our customers, which include the internal and the external part of the companies. The “customer satisfaction” is equal to quality. In  DYY Solar, quality is the responsibility of our staff. We should perfectly play our roles and keep attitudes of pursuing excellence and improvement. We not only seriously do everything and every task best but also review our performance to find whether any improvement could be made at any time. Our goal is to pursue the “overall customer satisfaction” since this is exactly the concrete practices of our principle – quality is the principle for our works and services.