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Specifications of PV-T (Monocrystalline Silicon )

Thermal Efficiency Map

Specifications of PV-T (Monocrystalline  silicon )

Electrical characteristic under STC
Module type DYY-320-PVT
Maximum power, Wp 320
Voltage at Maximum power, Vmp (V) 54.7
Current at Maximum power, Imp (A) 5.86
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V) 64.8
Short circuit current, Isc (A) 6.27
Module efficiency (%) 19.6
Power tolerance (W) -0/+3%
Operating temperature, -40~80
Maximum voltage, Vdc (V) 1000
Series Fuse rating (A) 15

Mechanical characteristic
Solar cell type Mono-crystalline
Dimensions (mm) 1559*1046*46
Weight, kg 40
Front glass Tempered glass with AR
Encapsulation EVA
Rear Composite film
Junction Box IP65, MC4 connector
Number of cells 96  Back contact solar cell

Thermal characteristic
House Mg-Al-Zn Alloy
Heat transfer material Stainless
Insulation Glass Fiber
Connection dimension, mm Φ25.4
Maximum operating Pressure (Bar) 10

Applications of PV-T Solar water heaters

( Both of independent or grid-tied style )

Solar heat system for slopping roofs

Many roofs are based on slopping roofs, therefore, either flatbed solar collector or PV-T optical water heater goes well with slopping roofs. In addition to enhancing the appearance and using the space well, it can prevent the roofs from direct sun irradiation.